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Mood Lamps and Their Various Benefits to Your Daily Life

You are likely reading this article in a closed room filled with lights. Individuals spending their days and nights in isolated rooms are in contact with counterfeit lighting and natural lights.

Dekala Prismatic sleep-aid lamp

However, throughout history, lighting has affected our bodies and minds. As the external stimuli of our body respond to light, either artificial or natural, it has created many confusions in our bodies. With sunlight in the day and darkness in the night.

Researchers have revealed that adequate lighting progresses in the temperament and vitality levels of the body whereas, insufficient lighting results in depression and other body illnesses. The sum and sort of lighting especially influence the concentrations and many other aspects of standard living within individuals.

For this purpose, science has revealed many ways to balance the rhythm of body and mind confusions by introducing light therapies, smart lamps, and colorful lights. With the change in the color of lights, the body responds to them uniquely, affecting different parts of our lives.

How Lighting Affects Our Daily Lives

A study from the University of Toronto illustrated the centrality of light quality. They revealed how bright and shining lights "intensify our initial response to a stimulus," and its impacts can be both positive as well as negative.

In this case, 'warm' and 'cold' do not allude to the light's physical warmth but the light's tone or color.

Warm lights make the environment feel more inviting and unwinding. In contrast, cooler lights make the environment more fortifying - they make us feel more cautious, more centered and can increment efficiency levels.


Seasonal Affective Disorders (SAD) Cured by Mood Lamps

Dekala Prismatic SAD lamp

Light therapy is thought to affect brain chemicals associated with mood and sleep, thereby alleviating SAD symptoms. Types of depression, sleep disorders, and other conditions may benefit from using a depression mood lamp.

As the mood lamps emit lights that help with the changing episodes of the sleep cycle. Some of the lighting types that have been successful in easing SAD symptoms are as follows:

Blue Light 

Blue light is essential for good health because it improves alertness, memory, and cognitive function—exposure to blue light during the daytime hours aids in the maintenance of a healthy circadian rhythm.

Green Light

Green light can affect humans positively, from curing depression, mood swings, and migraines to reducing melanin in the skin for improved results.

Red Light

Red light can affect humans in various aspects, including skin texture, forms a reliable source of collagen for reducing wrinkles, helps repair cold sores from herpes simplex virus infection, and decreases within time.


Smart Lamps and Its Benefits

 Dekala prismatic sunrise alarm clockDekala Prismatic smart bedside lampDekala Prismatic color changing lamp

Today's article will be featuring a trendy and in-market company named Dekala Prismatic™ that has been manufacturing various products which have been helping people around the globe.

Some of their popular aftermaths include smart lamps and mood lamps contributing to light therapies and exploring the fun side of the scenario.

The company has been helping people with their intuitive ideas to concentrate balance on the sleeping cycle of the individuals for the betterment in their cycle of life, mind, body, and soul.

Their features and benefits mainly focus on the following areas:

  • The smart lamp acts as a beneficiary for maintaining a good sleeping cycle.
  • The Dekala Prismatic™ Night Light helps in relieving stress and induces peace in the atmosphere.
  • The red light produced by the Dekala Prismatic™ smart lamps produces melatonin for helping with the sleep cycle.
  • Their product has a unique ability to adapt with various soft wares like Google Assistant and Alexa.
  • It acts as an excellent decorative product for tables and desks by projecting their range of 16 million different lights.
  • It helps in curing various mental confusions like insomnia, chronic migraines, and sleeping disorders.




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