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The Best Color-Changing Lamps for Your Smart Home


The Best Color-Changing Lamps for Your Smart Home

Your home is never complete without lighting. What better way to fill your home with brightness than a multi-purpose lamp that lets you customize the ambiance of your place? Introducing Arches and Prismatic Color-Changing Lamps.

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These lighting products are more than meets the eye. As the world's first dynamic color-changing smart ambient light options, they provide illumination that you can personalize for various purposes and occasions with the help of its full-spectrum lighting technology. This gives you 16 million colors to choose from through a color palette you can control and adjust to your liking using your phone.

Customize Your Experience

Whether you want the coziness and comfort offered by warm lighting, or the sterile and more focused feeling brought by cool tones, this lamp can help you achieve the ambiance you are going for. This makes it perfect for usage in any room in the house.

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You can place it right at your bedside to create an atmosphere conducive for sleep and relaxation with the help of different reddish tones, or you can place it on your work desk for concentration and alertness by using white or bluish light.

The Best Mood-Maker for Parties

This color-changing lamp is also perfect for manipulating the mood of the place for different occasions. It has nine themed lighting effects that can perfectly go with the atmosphere you want to create. Having a casual gathering at your house? Use a slow-pulsing light effect. What about hard-partying? Turn on the fast-throbbing option.

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The best part about this lamp is it has a music synchronization feature that allows the light to change and pulse depending on the beat of the music. Plus, you can adjust the brightness to your preferences, making it suitable for all kinds of get-togethers or solo use.

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Your Best Choice for Color Therapy

Speaking of solo use, the Arches and Prismatic Color-Changing lamps work best as a color therapy aid. Our eyes perceive light in a spectrum and the frequency of each color affects our mind and body. You can use warm light to induce a rested and relaxed feeling, while cool light offers a more energized and motivating mood.

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With these lamps’ color healing function, you can easily achieve the effects you want to experience. You can use color customization, themed effects, and music synchronization features to suit your meditation and therapeutic needs.

Feel Nature Around You

No matter what your use case is, you can rely on these lamps to bring you closer to nature thanks to its inspired color modes. It comes with built-in options that transport you to nature such as aurora, neon, rainbow, grassland, deep ocean, sunset, and many more.

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You can sleep close to the sea with its crystal blue light or you can lay down in the grass with sparkling green lights. There are different modes to choose from that can give you the feeling of being in natural locations.

The Overall Best Choice

Keep yourself immersed in your thoughts, sleep, or work without worrying about your lamp. This device comes with an auto shut-off function to help you do your thing with minimal hassle while saving money in the process.

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