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5 in 1 Smart Ambient Light

Dekala Hot-selling Smart Lamp - Arches™

Dekala Arches™ Smart Bedside Lamp

Dekala Arches™ Smart Bedside Lamp Sleep is the ultimate  self-care. Fall asleep in 8 minutes with Dekala Arches™, easily and without stress Dekala Arches, an innovation inspired by thousands of studies on  Melatonin. "Our body is designed to boost melatonin production when exposed to red light, it makes you feel...
$199.00 $138.99
Function* Deluxe(wifi+bluetooth)

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Dekala Best-selling Ambient Light - The Pristmatic™

Mood Lamp - Dekala Prismatic™ Smart RGB Lamp

Dekala Prismatic™ Smart Table Lamp The Best Sunrise Alarms to Help You Rise and Shine DYNAMIC COLOR-CHANGING LAMP LIGHT THERAPY  Light therapy—or phototherapy, classically referred to as heliotherapy—consists either of exposure to daylight or some equivalent form of light as a treatment for seasonal affective disorder, or exposure of the...
$89.99 $48.98
Version* Prismatic™
Control Mode* Non-smart(manual)

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Barbara C. Sisco

This sunlight 'alarm' is the best quality of life improvement I've made in a decade. I've told my coworkers about the Arches, I've told my hairdresser, I've raved to strangers... in fact, I'm doing so now! If you find waking to be a brutal experience, the Arches will change your life overnight.

It really works!

Lewis I. Thorne

What a great product Arches is! Wake up to the sunrise and the chirping of birds instead of the dreaded alarm clock sound. The sunset feature is also a great feature. I don't know if it's my brain or science, but I used to have a hard time falling asleep, now I fall asleep within 30 minutes of sunset. The only downside is to make sure you switch to 2.4G when connect it, but according to my understanding this light can only be connected to 2.4G wifi, so no complaints.

Love It! Nice "WOW" factor.

Isabelle Morris

This is my first Dekala product, and my first stand alone smart lamp, very gorgeous! The Smart LED table lamp is compact to let you place it on any table, but it's bright enough to make a difference for whatever space you place it on. I also love that it's powered via USB-C, so you can use the included power adapter, or plug it into a powered USB port for convenience.

This is an awesome, full featured, smart lamp

Brooke Steele

This lamp totally fits the bill. I love that it is Alexa compatible, and I love that I can control it from my phone. The color variations are great. I usually just use it on about 50% brightness and yellowish, but I have used it on pink or purple when my nieces come visit because they like that. It has like a zillion colors. I also have it programmed to turn on every morning because it’s so much nicer to wake up that way instead of an obnoxious alarm.

Worth the cost!

Gloria D. Smith

God-send. This has helped our kid unwind and understand its night time. Some kids need a little more help with that than others, but I found it helped me too, after 2.5yrs of severe sleep deprivation. (Our youngest had medically related sleep issues where they were up every 30-45mins for the first 2yrs+. If you’re relating to that, I cannot recommendation this more.) Sleep well!

Quite expensive but looks great!

Luis R. Longmire

Beautiful design and high end quality. Love the different colors options available, makes a huge difference in your room! Please be aware it’s not made to replace your existing lights, it’s rather an addition to make your room more interesting. It’s bright but not the brightest.

Great Lamp! Five Stars!

Gary P. Lord

This product is awesome!! I love it so much I bought a 2nd one for my mom!! The range of personal customization is off the charts!! I’m so glad I found this light!! The colors and lighting effects really improve my mood! I’m finding that color therapy works better than I ever could’ve imagined!! If you’re debating, I say... GET IT!! I wholeheartedly believe you will NOT regret getting this!! I certainly don’t! Overall it’s amazing & well worth it!!

A digitally beautiful lava lamp.

Brianne M. Sherrick

I love it! It’s so versatile. You can use it if you want to read. It gets pretty bright. You can put it on as a night light and dim it to your liking. The light scenes are so pretty. Also, I love that you can customize your lights through the app! Dekala is such a cool brand that gives you a bang for your buck.

Husband likes it

Barbara J. King

Really like this lamp. Easy to connect for remote control with app for phone or tablets.. Pictures do not do it justice. Bright enough to read by, yet not glaring. Even my husband likes it. He likes to watch TV with little to no light at all. As long as he can find the remote. Had it on for over 8 hrs to see if cord or lamp would get hot, did not even get warm. Will be buying another. Husband mentioned that it would be good for camping, if you have electric. Just know that it could be powered by power bank, recommend
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