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Dekala Featured Products

Smart Gradual Sunrise Alarm Clock - Arches™

Smart Table Clock, 6-In-1 Smart Clock With Bluetooth Speaker, Wireless Charger/Type-C Output Charger, Weather Display, 16 Million Colors. Works with Alexa, and Google Home....
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Dekala Arches
$139.99 from $119.99

Friendship Long Distance Lamp, Smart Long Distance Lamp - Dekala Prismatic™

Smart Friendship Long distance Lamp Also A Sunrise Alarm Clock, Night Light with 16 Million Colors. Breath Training Mode. Works with Alexa, Google Home....
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Dekala Prismatic
$52.99 $48.98

Dekala Arkenstone™ Smart Sleep Sunrise Alarm Clock With White Noise

Smart Sunrise Alarm Clock Sunrise Alarm Clock with White Noise Machine, Alpha Brainwave, 16 Million Solid Colors & 10 Dynamic Gradient Lighting Effects. Color...
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Dekala Arkenstone
$109.99 from $69.99

Dekala Sunstone™ - Sunlight Alarm Clock Radio with Sound Machine for Heavy Sleeper

Sunrise Alarm Clock Dekala Sunstone™ Sunrise Alarm Clock Radio with Soothing Sounds, Dual/4 Alarm Settings, Dawn Simulator, Sleep-Aid 【Wake Up Light with Sunrise simulation】...
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Alarm Clocks
$52.99 from $49.99

Dekala Cutie™ Kids Alarm Clock, Sleep Trainer

Alarm clock for kids The Ultimate Children-friendly All-In-One Alarm Clock For Babies & Kids — With A Night Light, Sound Machine & More.
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Alarm Clocks
$52.99 $48.98