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Dekala Cutie™ Kids Alarm Clock, Sleep Trainer

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Alarm clock for kids The Ultimate Children-friendly All-In-One Alarm Clock For Babies & Kids — With A Night Light, Sound Machine &...

Dekala Cutie™ Kids Alarm Clock, Sleep Trainer
The ultimate children-friendly all-in-one alarm clock for babies & kids — with a night light, sound machine & more.

All-in-one Kids Sleep Trainer

Gentle Alarm Clock for Your Little Ones
7 Night Light Colors
Ten Sound Options

Patented & Sweet Design

Wakes Kids with a Sweet Treat. It is patented, easy to use, and features a cute and fun design.

To Delight Any Parent

Designed to help kids form a healthy sleep & wake up routine with fun and interactive features.

Children-Friendly Materials

Durable, safe, and cute, Cutie™ Baby Alarm Clock is there for every milestone in baby's life.

Part of Your Child's Enlightment

The colorful bedside companion that helps your child learn when it's time to sleep and wake up

Wake Up Call

Personalized wake up light and sound. Light up ahead of time to gently wake up your baby. Up to 5 times snooze

Play Timer

Set up soothing music and lights to educate your baby that it's playtme until the Cutie™ is turned off.

Nap Timer

With Cutie™ timing alarm clock, children can learn the concepts of time and time management at a young age.


Cutie™ teaches children when to sleep or stay in bed — with adorable facial expressions and lights.

7 Rainbow Night Light Colors

Staying Connected to Your Children

Dekala Cutie's easy-to-use, kid-friendly user interface is designed to be an all-in-one sleep aid for your child.


Dimensions: 4" x 4" x 3"
Weight: 10.8 oz (0.68 lbs)
Material: PC, ABS, Silicone for chirldren
Child Lock: Yes
Light: Warm white + RGB
Volum: 10 brightness settings
Speaker: 2W 8Ω
Power: Type A A/C wall adapter
Input: 5V 1A
Snooze Duration: 9 min
Maximum Snooze Times: 5 times
Battery: CR2032 (for memory settings)
Certification: FCC,CE,RoHS, CA65, CASIA, EN62115
Patent: D892, 641