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Jan 1, 2022 | Dekala Editorial Team

What is Smart Table Lamp

smart table lamps

We live in an age where technology is constantly finding new and interesting uses. It's no longer boring or clunky, but rather it's elegant and sleek. So why not harness the power of technology to help beautify your home?

  We've collected some great examples of cutting-edge smart furniture that will make you look like a pro. 

How does a smart lamp work?

  Smart lamp is a piece of lamp that has a computer built into it so that you can control the lamp through your phone without having to physically click on the switch.
  This allows you to remotely control the lighting (brightness). For example, you can set your smart lamp to a certain level of brightness that you like, to improvise with different scenarios. Not only this, it also saves quite amount of time and money for light-bulb changing because a smart lamp is usually LED based, simply plug it in, you will never have to worry about how long do you still have till the next Walmart run.
  In 2021, everything is involved with Amazon, so a smart lamp can sync with Alexa, so that you can switch on and off the light by merely voice control , just in case you have trouble finding your phone (You probably won’t). This innovation is namely based on contextual awareness of what is going on in your home. Smart lamps are equipped with an AI assistant , that listens to what you’re saying to it and detects the emotion it triggers to learn more about you and your intentions.
  So basically, It is simply an LED based lamp that possibly fits everywhere, except it offers much more control.

smart lamp
sunrise alarm clock

You are able to set schedules for it to turn on or off, change color, color temperature or set different colors for different occasions.

The other benefit is being able to control it using your smartphone or tablet.

You can get them in various lumen ratings, which is not quite available among the ordinary lamps on the market.

Now that you know what they are, let’s take a deeper look into some more aspects of them.

Cool Things You Can Do with Smart Lamps

  If we look at the smart lamps of today, they’re not limited to brightening this one function, here are more to come.
  Smart lamp is an exciting category because it’s so new, but it has the potential to change the way we live. Smart lamp is usually connected to the internet, and can be controlled using an app . For example, you can control your lights, your music, display the temperature, date and then blinds with just a few taps on your phone, or even your own voice. The cool part is that you can ‘pop up’ your smart display to make control more intuitive. All you need to do is download an app and connect to the smart phone. For the environment-conscious and eco-conscious users, this model is a green alternative. You can comfortably enjoy the same functionality as the traditional lamp with the same look, specs, and price.

sunrise alarm clock

  Designed by Dekala®, it's like a sunset lamp. This domestic-friendly smart ambient lamp is the ideal companion to families or single studio due to its round shape, energy-saving features, and snap-together design. Being able to choose from a 16-million-colors palette is great for kids, pets or yourself when you are feeling switch up the lighting to create a whole different mood. Dekala® currently present a smart lamp product called Prismatic™ (as the picture shown). This smart lamp has different built-in programs which shine different lightings, and each program can assign different colors to “Mood Rings”, can be used in scenarios like ‘listening’, ‘watching’, ‘socializing’, ‘informative’, ‘meditating’, ‘Idea Gathering’, and ‘energy release’. So if you prefer some relaxation to an energetic vibe, just switch up to “bonfire” mode (sunset lighting), and I promise you, lamps don’t get more entertaining than that.

Are Smart Lamps More Expensive?

The following content will help you decide whether or not smart lamps are worth it and help you decide whether you need them in life or not. Are smart lamps worth it? You will pay an extra $50 to $100 for a smart lamp from companies like Dekala, Philips, Hatch, Govee... compared to a traditional, ordinary lamp. This is what you pay for the smart features and color capability: more colorful choices, dynamic lighting (color changing), lower energy consumption, Wi-Fi connected functions(Amazon Alexa, Google voice control, etc.)

Price comparison: Smart lamps vs ordinary lamps

Lamp TypePrice (regular-domestic models)
Smart lamp$50.00-$180.00
Ordinary lamp$30.00-$120.00

Do Smart Lamps Use More Electricity?

  The LED light-bulb inside a smart lamp is quite different from a traditional glass-made light-bulb in every aspect. The main difference is the LED inside a smart bulb is an RGB type LED . The smart electronics use a very small extra amount . You wouldn’t even notice it in your power bill. Compare to an incandescent light-bulb, a smart lamp consumes much less energy than you would think.

Do Smart Lamps Save Money?

  Insert your text, yes, they do. They might cost a little bit more bucks when purchasing, but they absolutely save you a lot of headaches(changing light-bulbs, sweeping broken-splashed light-bulb glass pieces and all that) and money in the long run... it’s mechanical common knowledge that electronics consumes the most energy when they are turning on and off, yet it’s not the same concept with smart lamps because it’s LED based lighting system, instead of going deeper on the basics and principle of the electrical mechanism behind it, let’s just say that LED lights is more energy-saving than traditional lamps, that’s the way the cookie crumbles. So, smart can potentially save you way more than older type lamps.

Smart Furniture for Living Rooms

  Setting up your living room is the first task to conquer when moving in to a new apartment or a house. It's important to have a good idea about what works for your space and what doesn't to save you time and money.
  Here are a few tricks to help you get started. It doesn’t matter if you have a spacious living room or not, a smart lamp, varies in size, can quietly sit on the edge of your coffee table. The dim aurora light it glows looks superbly comforting and soothing. As part of the society in 2021, we all have a couple days in a week that you want to rush home after work, no talking with your partner, no yelling at your kids, no playing with your dog/cat, and just blend in with your coach in peace. This moment is exactly when Prismatic™-- the smart ambient lamp from Dekala® come in to play a role! Choose one that fits your current mood from 9 ambient light modes to wash off the negativity from a bad day that you might just had. 

smart ambient lamp

  In another scenario, let’s say you are inviting a couple friends over and having a home party, there will be a lot of laughters and beer involved around the coffee table /coach section, a chandelier would be too classy for the occasion, a ceiling lamp might be too bright and kill the vibe, a lamp from Walmart might be a bit dull and fail to entertain your guests, you don’t wanna be rude, right? A smart ambient lamp that is able to create galaxy lighting effect would come in handy this time.

smart ambient lamp
sunrise alarm clock

  One of the most popular ways to create a smart bedroom would be to use a smart bedroom light. Dekala Prismatic™ would be a great option, which you can control with your smartphone or tablet through an app. You can set the lights to automatically turn on when you get home and off when you wake up. They’re eco-friendly and clutter-free, which makes it a perfect option for a room that’s always clean and neat. Plus, the night light mode that Prismatic ™ designed is absolutely a must-have. Unlike the blue light from cellphones that will inhibit your body from producing melatonin, the night light mode actually glows a sleep-friendly gentle light from a LED tube which is just enough to accompany you in a dark room without affecting your circadian rhythm. You might think it is quite extra cause you are a grown man/woman who is not afraid of a bit of darkness in your own bedroom, well, what about your kids? 

sunrise alarm clock for kids

  Remember the times when you were a little kid and wouldn’t let go of your parents to sleep alone because the “Monster” might come out underneath your bed? Dekala® company is strive to provide security with the light of love, making sure all kids are well taken care of during the process of becoming an independent little soldiers.  

  Aside from those little angels, your bedroom is probably one of the most important rooms in your house. After all, conscious or not, most people spend over 7 hours a day in their bedroom. Yet, many people haven’t really give it much thought about their bedroom lighting, as in how to make it wonderful as it should be.
  I’ve gathered some ideas on how we should focus when choosing a bedroom lamp. First, it’s the size, a big lamp from Walmart with a paper-like cloth covering it’s light-bulb might provides the warmth, but it takes up too much space in your bedroom than it should. A nightstand lamp is relatively quite mini right next to your bed.
  But let’s be honest, how many times have you been burnt by the heated surface cause by the bright light bulb? Does that sound like something you would completely trust locating besides your pillow?
  Absolutely not! So now, let the Prismatic ™ take of your sleeping section for you. Its perfectly designed size takes up space no more than two water bottles putting together, and as mentioned before. It’s LED based lighting with family-safe, eco-friendly casing material that ensures you never have to worry about getting burned by this illuminating candy drop. 

available on dekalastore.com

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