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Dekala Prismatic™

Life-changing Smart Lamp - Prismatic™
The 3 Features on Prismatic™ in Detail
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Best Sunrise & Sunset Lamp
RGBWW Mood Light
Chromotherapy Lamp
Dekala Prismatic™
Light is the best alarm clock
Dazzle your home and life with Dekala Prismatic™. 
9 dynamic gradient lighting effects, 16 million solid colors, 
providing you with 
Brighter Days and Sleepier Nights.
Sleep & Waking
Help you wake up gradually in the morning and fall asleep easily at night.
Rhythmic Breathing Sleep Light ➖➖ ➖ ➖
▶ One of the most natural ways to secrete melatonin (Red Light)
▶ Adjust your breathing rate to quickly quiet your mind
No-Sound Alarm Clock ➖ ➖➖ ➖ 
▶ Wake up to flashing light instead of the ear-splitting alarm clock
▶ Perfect for light sleeper, the hear impaired, natural living advocates...
Mood Lighting
Aims to create a specific atmosphere or feeling in your living environment.
Smart Mood Light Lamp ➖➖
▶ 16 million solid colors to choose from (controlled by smart phone)
▶ RGBWW - 9 gradient dynamic lighting effects
▶ Remote control with your phone or smart voice devices (sweet care for children and the elderly)
Color Therapy
Helps fight with seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and winter blues.
Color Therapy Lamp➖➖
▶ Blue light can improve: alertness, attention, reaction time and general mood...
▶ Green light: reduce chronic pain, for example migraines and fibromyalgia
DIY Your Own Color Therapy With 16 Million Colors
Dekala Prismatic™ Features
Learn how Prismatic™ change your life in three ways
Dawn Simulator
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Mood Lighting
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Color Therapy
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